Production of spare parts for machines and production lines

We are the manufacturer of spare parts, components and entire modules for production lines.

We specialize in machining of all types of materials available on the market.

We provide a complete service for the following machining methods, we render services based on our customer’s and our documentation if a customer wants to implement new solutions.

CNC milling

We provide numericalmilling on machinesof the highest qualityfor a widerange of materials, ranging from steeltocompositesWe offer micro millingandlarge-size machining (X: 1525mmxY:762mmxZ:625mm).

CNC turning

Our CNC lathes perform machining with pinpoint accuracy, we obtain an accuracy of thousandths of a millimeter. At the same time we do not limit ourselves to small parts, we have the possibility of turning elements of 1280mm length and 500 mm diameter.

EDM and WEDM electro drilling

In the field of EDM we are veryimportant supplier ofservices in the regionIt causestheerosionof material bypulsedelectrical dischargesbetween two electrodeswhich are thetooland the workpieceseparated by adielectric. We cutelectrically conductivematerials, even those whosehardnessdoes not allow efficient machiningbycutting (e.gsintered carbide, diamond, hardenedmaterials).


We provide servicesoncylindricalgrinding machines(centre-type andcentreless), for surfaces, tools, hole grinders (CMM). Ourmachine parkalso includes a special centre grinder.

Installation of machinery components

We have extensive experience in assembling machines and modules of production lines. Every day, our team of locksmiths assemblies precision components for our customers. We also assembly large modules and welded constructions.

Regeneration of machinery components

In orderto meet the expectationsof our customers, we regeneratecompletecomponentsof machines.This reducesshutdowns ofproduction lines andunnecessaryinventoryat customersWe are guided by "Just in Time" principle.

Soldering and welding

We specialize insoldering of small componentsin particular theburner nozzles, sintered carbides,hard soldered materialsWe weld using the following methods: MIG/ MAG, TIG - from small partsto largestructuresThe accuracy of thistreatmentallows to get laboratory tolerances.

Design of components and machine parts

Forcomprehensive customer service, responding to our customers’ needs our team ofengineers designsallcomponentsof machines. We also offernew solutionsto improve the performanceand service life ofmachine parts.